The Guide to Properly Finishing A Level


This is a bit long to read, you better take some coffee beforehand. However, in an alternative universe that you don't simply have time reading this, here's a short summary:

  • We have created a new system for finishing a level.

  • You have to take (i) names and surnames, (ii) their portfolio IDs, (iii) their portfolio totals.

  • You have to fill this form after the class.

That's about it. Below is just a clear explanation of these steps and also a bit of my experience with stuff. Enjoy reading.

Step-by-Step Guide to Properly Finishing A Level (By the boozer, For the boozer)

Step 1: Before the last day of a level, ask your students to bring their portfolio for the last day and say that it is important.

If the level is A1, this step is unnecessary since nobody has portfolios. So, you gotta bring new portfolios for each students.

If not, some of your students might be a newcomer in that level. So, they naturally won't have portfolio. Count them and bring empty portfolios for the next class. Please make sure the portfolios are not damaged, missing pages or used before. I have encountered this problem before.

Step 2: In the last day, ask your students to fill up the level that they have finished in the portfolio.

The portfolio is divided to sections with levels. There are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 sections. Each level is written on top with big letters on each page. Ask'em to fill up the level pages they have just finished. For example, A2 level is between the pages 32-39.

In the portfolio, there are statements and 4 options for self-evaluation. Statements are sentences like "I can understand if somebody speaks slowly.". There are 4 options that a student can choose:

  • My Objectives means "I cannot do this.".
  • With a lot of help means "I can do this only if there are tools with me such as a tourist guide book, a translation program in my phone or a dictionary.".
  • With a little help means "I can do this only if there's someone that can guide or help me in this situation.".
  • Without help means "Hold my beer.".

Ask them to be honest about themselves.

Step 3: Get the results and take notes.

After a student finishes filling the portfolio, ask them to get the total of each options.

  • How many "My objectives" in total?
  • How many "With a lot of help" in total?
  • How many "With a little help" in total?
  • How many "Without help" in total?

And take note of each of these:

  • Their name and surname, of course
  • Their portfolio ID: The portfolio ID is the ID number of portfolio. It is behind the portfolio, the last page. It is usually located on the bottom-left corner and written with red colors. This is very important.
  • Their portfolio status: Totals of each options as I've told just above. The "How many"s. At the end, you will get 4 numbers such as 0, 0, 19, 38.

Step 4 (Optional): Ask them about if they feel like they are ready for the next level.

This is only to show you care about them (but you don't 😈). You can (in your mind) compare what they feel and what you know. You have spent a big time with them so you know if they are ready or not but it is important to let their feelings out so that they feel they are cared.

You can use extra time after the class to do face to face, or if it is not possible, you can call them or text them.

Tell them about why you think they failed with a careful language and let them talk as well. Also, tell them you think they will willingly damage themselves if they want to pass the level and also you have X years of teaching experience and have seen many students so you are giving your professional opinion at that moment.

Step 6 (THE MOST IMPORTANT PART): Provide the results to us.

We have created a form where you will provide the results with us. The link is this:

After the class, click this form. The form is designed for one student. You have to fill it multiple times for each student. Each student takes 1-2 minutes so it should not be a problem.

While filling this form for the first time, please take your time to read the descriptions as it will help you do not send wrong information.

This form also contains your evaluation for you to decide if student is ready to pass or he/she failed.

Do not forget to click "Send" button after filling it.

Frequently Asked Questions

My student did not bring his/her portfolio because (insert reason here). What should I do?

You can ask them to use his/her friend's portfolio to get the results.

My student did not attend to the class in the final day. What should I do?

There are two things you can do and these are in order:

  1. Ask them to fill it up and provide the information to you from their home.

  2. If this is really not possible for some reason, simply ignore it.

Student Question: What is the reason for this portfolio? What does it solve? Can't you evaluate us by doing some tests? What is the practicality of this?

The office usually says "This is a portfolio which is validated by European Commitee.". While this is just an answer (the validity of which is also questionable at that), it is not simply enough. So, here are some answers I have come up with:

  • "I have already evaluated you in the class by your behavior and willingness to learn."

  • If the answer above is not simply enough for them: "You have tests in regular schools. Were you able to learn English? (The answer is, of course, no.) So, final tests are not naturally problem solvers. You have the right to also repeat the level, so why bother?"